Your trusted partner since 1995

Since the establishment of PT. Banyuwangi Cannery Indonesia in 1995, the initiators and all the skilled human resources in the PT. Banyuwangi Cannery Indonesia always persistent to offer the best products to the public, both to domestic market and abroad. PT. Banyuwangi Cannery Indonesia focuses on the production of food products in cans such as canned sardines, canned mackerels, canned tuna, frozen fish (seafood), and fish flour as well as fish oil.

Located in Banyuwangi - Indonesia, PT. Banyuwangi Cannery Indonesia continues to grow and gain the trust of customers, and until now the cannery has been expanded and enlarged the infrastructure into three manufacturing plants with total capacity of 200 tons of fish per day.

Why customers from around the world entrust their products to PT. Banyuwangi Cannery Indonesia is not a secret anymore. Everything we do is for the sake of giving only the best. Even "good" still not enough for us. PT. Banyuwangi Cannery Indonesia is aware that to present a better product will exceed expectations, and only with such effort, an action like that will be appreciated by customers. Therefore PT. Banyuwangi Cannery Indonesia continues investing in both quality checking and technical equipment, improving the welfare of human resources, all with the hope to uphold quality above all else.

We are proud to invite you to prove our commitment of work. Please contact our customer relations team, and we will immediately respond to you.